Warrior IV Life Fitness

CHANGE?! It Starts From Within...And Here's The Good News!

YOU Can Do It!!!

Warrior IV Life Fitness

CHANGE?! It Starts From Within...And Here's The Good News!

YOU Can Do It!!!

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Welcome to our Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF) Website!  I am a former Soldier (“once a Soldier, always a Soldier”), retired from active duty with the U.S. Army in 2011 (after 23 years plus service).  My primary job in the Army was as a “JAG” (Judge Advocate officer / attorney); and, thanks to you, the taxpayer, as a Soldier, I was privileged to travel to many far-flung regions, to twice deploy, and to work with all sorts of people. One thing is for sure: “You’ve got to be Fit to fight – and win!” That holds true both in the military and in the battles of life.  You’ve got to take on the mantle of a holistic warrior – a Warrior for Life (or, as I like to say, “Warrior IV Life”)!!!

I have been passionate about Fitness and sports since my youth and am very honored and thrilled to now work with YOU in helping YOU “Be All That You Can Be” (to borrow a venerable Army recruiting slogan from yesteryear). I hope to do this by, first, getting to know you better (even if circumstances dictate that it must be from a distance).  What are your true priorities in life? How does “Fitness” fit into the picture?  How can I help you crystalize and then work toward achieving your goals?

I look forward to getting to know you!!!

“Be Fit!  Be Happy!  Be Safe!  Be Well!
Be a Warrior IV Life!


So, What Exactly Is It, this "Warrior IV Life Fitness?”

Warrior IV Life Fitness (with the Roman Numeral, “IV,” pronounced “4”) is a refreshingly unique, completely holistic, Christ-centric approach to optimal Fitness, health, and wellness!  Also known by its acronym, “WIVLF” (pronounced “WĭVLiFe” – so as to rhyme with “WĭVLiFe – Lĭve Life!”), the overarching objective of Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF) is to help YOU, the aspiring practitioner – regardless of your age, present physical condition, or station-vocation-calling in life – to truly “Be All That You Can Be” (to yet again borrow that durable Army recruiting slogan of yesteryear):  Heart, mind, body, and spirit!!!

Keeping that well in mind, let’s now take a closer look at each of IV WIVLF PoPs in turn, shall we?

I. Faith (FTH)

II. Family (FAM)

III. Fitness (FIT)

IV. Field (FLD)

“But How do we go About All This?”

By mutual support, encouragement, and collaborative training!  For “The way of the warrior is in training!”  Miyamoto Musashi, Go Rin No Sho (Japanese – Book of Five Rings), quoted in MSG(Ret.) Gregory S. Skinner’s Winning the Board: A Guide to Success, May 2008 (15th printing), page ii.


Warrior IV Life Fitness (or WIVLF)!  Could it be something which might interest YOU?!


Read more on “What Separates Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF) From The Rest?” by Clicking on the Button immediately below!

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So, a Little About Me

First and foremost, I wish to make one thing abundantly clear:  This is not about me.  It is about YOU!  So, I only share the following “Little About Me” so that you who may not know me (yet!) can get a clearer understanding of “where I’m coming from.”  I’ll freely admit that I, personally, have nothing to boast about; and I certainly don’t claim to “know it all.”

That having been said, here’s a Little About Me (focusing on my Fitness credentials and background):

I. Retired U.S. Army Colonel (retired from active duty in 2011), with 23 years plus uniformed service.  Twice deployed to combat zones.  U.S. Army War College graduate, U.S. Army Command & General Staff College graduate, Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Military Law (with International & Operational Law Speciality, U.S. Army Judge Advocate Legal Center & School (TJAGLCS).  Army Master Fitness Trainer certified.

II. Founder and creator of “Warrior IV Life Fitness” (WIVLF), a holistic Fitness-health-wellness class offered to military personnel and their family members (and, ultimately, now to the general public) at many diverse locations (2002-Present):


  • Resources Command – St. Louis (HRC-STL), St. Louis, MO (2002-2004);
  • U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) / MacDill Air Force Base (MDAFB), Tampa, FL (2004-2006);
  • Kandahar Air Field (KAF – U.S. Forces), Kandahar, Afghanistan (2004-2005);
  • 89th Regional Readiness Command (RRC) / McConnell Air Force Base (MCAFB), Wichita, KS (2006-2009 and 2011-Present); and
  • Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, WIVLF, and Yoga Teacher.  Numerous military temporary duty (TDY) sites and, since 2011, throughout
  • Wichita, KS area (YMCA, Anytime Fitness, Regent Retirement Community, et al.) (2014-Present)


III. Assistant Professor / Assistant Coach – Kansas Wesleyan University (KWU), Salina, KS (1993-1995): Taught Criminal Justice and Business courses (both Graduate and Undergraduate). Assistant Coach of KWU Men’s Basketball Team.  Started fencing program, taught fencing and founded and coached “Coyote Fencing Club.”  Chaired Judiciary Committee. Advised, mentored, and counseled students and prospective students.  Revised and expanded Criminal Justice Program.  Instituted, organized, managed, and advised “Legal Studies Club.”

IV.  Middle School Head Basketball Coach – St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School (STA), Wichita, KS (2014-2018).

V. Hold a Master of Arts in History of Sport & Culture – De Montfort University (DMU), Leicester, England, UK (Jan 2013).

VI. Played junior varsity and varsity basketball in college (Friends University).  Served 23 years in U.S. Army, retiring from Active Duty with rank of Colonel (O-6).  Certified Master Fitness Trainer with Army.  Repeatedly awarded for performance on Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).  Competitor (and frequent award winner) in numerous fencing tournaments (foil) and mid-distance running events (2 mile – 10 KM).

VII. Senior Contributor on Internet / web radio programme now into its 9th season (with over 180 shows Podcast and available for listening anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day), namely:  The Church Broadcasting Entity’s (CBE’s) “Spirit of Fitness.”  Tap into “the Spirit” by Clicking on the Podcast Button directly below!

A Few Miscellaneous Fitness Training Certifications / Credentials:

• U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer (Mar 2001);
• U.S. Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA) Certified Moniteur D’escrime / Instructor of Fencing (Foil, Epee, and Saber) (Oct 1995);
• CPR, AED, 1st Aid, and Emergency Oxygen Certified (actively Certified in each since Apr 2009);
• National Aerobics and Fitness Trainers Association Boot Camp Instructor Certified (Apr 2012);
• Siva Power Yoga Teacher Training / Yoga Alliance (RYT 200 Hour Level Certification) (Jun 2011);
• Healthways SilverSneakers (Classic-2015) (Mar 2015);

 YMCA Specific Training Certifications:

  • Foundations of Group Exercise (Apr 2009 & Apr 2011);
  • Healthy Lifestyle Principles (Apr 2009);
  • Cardio & Step Aerobics Instructor (Apr 2009);
  • Fundamentals of Lifestyle Wellness Coaching (Jun 2011);
  • Yoga Choreography (Jun 2011);
  • Foundations of Strength & Conditioning (Aug 2014);
  • Pilates Instructor (Nov 2014).

Why Not Join The Warrior IV Life Legion?!

Well, what do you think?  Maybe this Warrior IV Life Fitness (or WIVLF) appeals to you?!  We’re hoping and praying it does!

And maybe you’d like to join the ranks of the Warrior IV Life Fitness (or WIVLF) Legion?!  Don’t worry, we promise we won’t come get you, mobilize you, and force you to deploy far from home!  Just let us know you’d like to take the WIVLF Legion Pledge . . . and we’ll be honored to welcome you into our ranks.

Once we’ve received your notice of Pledge and your accompanying very modest lifetime membership fee of $20, we’ll be happy to send you your very own beautiful, suitable for framing Certificate of Legion Membership – along with an equally beautiful WIVLF Legion pendant (that you can either wear around the neck or otherwise).

Just Click the Membership Pledge Form Button immediately below to access the Legion Membership Pledge Form!  Read over the Pledge carefully . . . and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Then, once you’ve decided to do your best to abide by the WIVLF Pledge, simply let us know.  Print off, sign, and then email or mail us your signed Pledge Form to eicherjames@yahoo.com or Eicher Holistic Fitness, P.O. Box # 515, Andover, KS 67002.

Upon receipt of your signed Pledge Form and accompanying lifetime membership fee of $20, we’ll immediately send to you your very own official Certificate of Legion Membership – along with your very own official and stunningly crafted WIVLF Legion pendant!

Why dither or delay?!  The Legion awaits you!!!  

Membership Pledge Form

Warrior Books

Interested in deepening your understanding of the WIVLF concept and/or adopting the WIVLF lifestyle?  Awesome!  Maybe one of the best ways of doing this is by checking out one – or both – of our two books, available on Amazon.

1st Book:  Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF):  8-Week “The World is Your Gym” Physical Fitness Course:  The is a great introductory book for those of you who would like to focus primarily on the physical aspect or component of “Fitness.”  It’s slightly over 100 pages in length and contains detailed, step-by-step guidance on how you, yes, YOU, can achieve optimal Fitness in the comfort of your own home, without having to purchase any expensive equipment or travel to any far-off gymnasium facility.  This book gives easy to follow, step-by-step guidance on how you might consider weaving in or sequencing all or some of our WIVLF “7 Modular Sub-Disciplines [MS-Ds] of Physical Fitness” into your existing sports or Fitness regimen, namely:

  1. Stretching-Flexibility (SF) Work;
  2. Aerobic-Cardiorespiratory (ACR) Work;
  3. Strength (STR) Work;
  4. Quickness-Agility-Coordination (QAC, aka Balance-Agility-Coordination [or BAC]) Work;
  5. Available Accessories or Equipment (A2E) Work:  “The World is Your Gym!
  6. Martial Arts (MA) Work; and
  7. Particular Skills of Interest (PSOI) Work:  This is where we help you learn to optimally incorporate or weave in or sequence your existing or aspirational sports or competitive Fitness endeavors into your own WIVLF Personalized Training Plan (WIVLF-PTP), a WIVLF-PTP which is just right for you!

“Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF):  8-Week ‘The World is Your Gym!’ Physical Fitness Course!”  Order yours today!  Available NOW in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle eBook on Amazon!


Purchase Your WIVLF 8-Week "The World is Your Gym" Physical Fitness Course Book Here

2nd Book:  Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF):  An Introduction:  This is what we like to call “the monster” or “the big book.”  Over 12 years (well, actually a lifetime) in the making and spanning three Volumes (Volume #s I, II, and III), this big book covers a great deal of ground, indeed, serving as the magnum opus of our Warrior IV Life Fitness (or WIVLF) Program, while also including Some Background about “yours truly” interspersed throughout.  Delving into no small amount of history and Holy Scripture, this big book lays a Christ-centric spiritual foundation for you, the “Warrior IV Life,” in offering a truly integrated and authentically holistic heart, mind, body, and spirit approach to Fitness, health, and wellness – regardless of who you are or when or where you might live.  At the conclusion of this big book, you will also find an Appendix which pulls all of this together in an easy to follow, “paint by the numbers” 8-Week:  “The World is your Gym” Physical Fitness Course Book.

Warrior IV Life Fitness!  “Not a warrior of destruction, but rather, a ‘Warrior IV Life!'”  Why not take a peek inside? All Three Volumes (Volume #s I, II, and III) are available NOW in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle eBook on Amazon!  


Purchase Your Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF): An Introduction Book Here

Warrior Swag

Want to look cool and unabashedly proclaim your Warrior IV Life (WIVLF) “swag?”  Well, just check out some of our really awesome items for your purchase consideration!  Our inventory, which is ever-growing, includes:


– WIVLF T-Shirts:  Available in black, olive green, tan, red, blue, or pink.  Check out the WIVLF Logo on the front, right above your heart & the really cool St. Michael the Archangel on the back;

– WIVLF Hats:  Available in black, gray, brown, or tan.  The WIVLF Logo really stands out on the front, wouldn’t you say?!

– WIVLF Patches:  Very finely embroidered WIVLF Patches, suitable for sewing or gluing onto your very best athletic or social attire;

– WIVLF Dog Tags:  All military Warriors are issued “dog tags,” right?!  Well, as a Warrior IV Life (or WIVLFer), you’ll be sure to want to get your very own WIVLF Dog Tag (featuring the WIVLF Banner image on one side & a classic St. Michael the Archangel image on the other!);

– WIVLF Key Rings:  “Start me up – with WIVLF!”

– WIVLF License Plates:  Get where you’re going, proclaiming the WIVLF message!

– WIVLF Stickers:  Put ’em on your window – or wherever; &

– WIVLF Magnets:  Perfect for the kitchen frig or office file box!


WIVLF Swag!!!

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All these cool looking WIVLF products are available by direct order via Apple Graphix.  Simply contact Apple Graphix by clicking HERE and place your order today!  And tell a friend (because we’re sure others will ask you. “Where did you get that cool stuff?”) Or email them at kramjo@aol.com.

Telephone #: 316-737-7382

Warrior Tea

“Warrior Tea?!”


You read that correctly!  Yes, anybody who personally knows me knows how much I love tea!  And those who have trained with me also already know how  I customarily love to share my special blend of tea with my Fitness friends.


Just what is that ‘special blend of tea,’” you might ask?


Well, that’s an industry secret . . . NOT REALLY!  My “Warrior Tea” is simply  my own favorite blend of black teas.


And now you can try Warrior Tea for yourself!  Great either hot or iced (the latter being my own personal preference most of the time), Warrior Tea is sure to become a favorite in your household, whether to help you get ready for a busy day . . . or in keeping you energized and going during a great physical work-out . . . or in unwinding after that busy day or great work-out.


Warrior Tea?!  Order yours today!

Awesome!  You can order your Warrior Tea directly from our supplier – and our official WIVLF tea company affiliate – Lota Tea:  Telephone # – 240-614-1077; Email Address – info@lotatea.com; Web Address / Web Contact – https://lotatea.com/.


So, mate, get your Warrior Tea today!  P.S.  While we usually drink it iced, it’s also superb when drunk hot.

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Ready To Embrace the WIVLF?!

Then why not give us a shout?  We would absolutely love to hear from you and get to know you!  WIVLF is “fully expeditionary!”  We can either bring you a singular or ongoing training session or more lecture oriented presentation(s).  We would be honored to help your church, school, gym, work, or office set up a holistic Fitness or wellness program, with WIVLF as our underpinning.  All this can be done either in person or via Zoom or other distance education forums.

Book your WIVLF training sessions or lecture oriented presentations by Clicking on the “Schedule a Training Session or Lecture Presentation” Button This will take you to coachup.com/me/jameseicher.  Once into this embedded website (coachup.com/me/jameseicher), simply Click on “Packages” and then “Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF)” – or any of our other training Packages which are of interest!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us via that same forum

(coachup.com/me/jameseicher) or here on this main website with any questions or concerns.

Schedule a Training Session or Lecture Presentation

Well, what do you think?!  We’d love to hear from you!  Yes, once again, at the heart of things, WIVLF is unapologetically and unabashedly Christian.  But don’t let that prejudice or frighten you!  Regardless of your spirituality or religious tradition, whether you want to work with us in person or via Zoom or some other distance education forum, whether you’re interested in a single training session or lecture presentation or an ongoing series, whether it’s just you or you and your church, your Family, your team, your military unit, your gym buddies, your co-workers, your fellow students, or whatever . . . we would be honored get to know you and work with you!

And THANK YOU!!! for taking the time to learn more about this admittedly rather unusual sounding – but which upon further examination we are fully confident you will be glad you happened upon today – concept:

Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF)!!!
Be Fit!  Be Happy!  Be Active!  Be Safe!  Be Well!
Be a Warrior IV Life! 



Telephone #: 316-737-7382