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“I confess that we all have an inborn affection for our body;

I confess that we are entrusted with its guardianship.

I do not maintain that the body is not to be indulged at all;

but I maintain that we must not be slaves to it.”[1]

[1]  Image of a montage of warrior – oriented physical fitness training, circa Middle Ages, taken from, [accessed 29 May 2018].

Seneca (“Lucius Annaeus Seneca and also known simply as Seneca, was a Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, dramatist, and – in one work – satirist of the Silver Age of Latin literature. Seneca was born in Córdoba in Hispania, and raised in Rome, where he was trained in rhetoric and philosophy,” died 12 April A.D. 65).  Quote found in and taken from Vost, Fit for Eternal Life, page # 53.  See also generally…0.0..……0….1j2..gws-wiz…..6..0i362i308i154i357.h2eb5wrdp5Y&ved=0ahUKEwi6lKmV5cTlAhUxjK0KHSbeCP8Q4dUDCAo&uact=5#spf=1572467467374, [accessed 30 October 2019].


Image of ancient Greek runner taken from…32668.33999.0.34220.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.EvT2NcrnhvA#imgrc=mMbf2F-uUhNLoM:&spf=1525380183608, [accessed 03 May 2018].

Image of ancient Greek female athlete taken from, [accessed 03 May 2018].

Quite likely this is the PoP that addresses what first comes to mind when you hear or read the word, “Fitness.”

“For as [a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Proverbs 23:7

Fitness.”  What does it mean to you?  Perhaps what comes immediately to mind is the inspirational image of a superb athlete from the playing fields or gridiron of sports; or maybe you think of a perfectly sculpted Adonis, beautiful Aphrodite, or curvy Venus de Milo from your school or local gym; or could it be your thoughts turn to a stunning Hercules or gorgeous nymph from the pages of a book or a magazine, or from the silver screen or Internet?

Fitness.  Alternatively, this little word might conjure up memories of a sporting event you recently attended or watched on television or via the Internet, sitting in the stands, in a manner of speaking, taking in the scene before you, as if at a movie.  Sure, it was entertaining!  But what about your own personal health and Fitness?

Fitness.  Perchance . . . does the term make you cringe?!  Let’s face it; there are many questionable aspects associated with modern, prevailing concepts of athletics and fitness.  Just take a look at the magazine rack of your local convenience store.  Routinely featured and held to high esteem are the supposedly “super fit:”  Happy-looking, unbelievably superb physical specimens, with freakishly overblown muscles or breath-taking curves, pumped up to the bursting point by who knows what kind of new-fangled, “Frankensteinian”-type of drug, potion, gimmick, or medical device or operation which has found its way onto the market, all promising – or at least implying – something which we know, deep down inside, is false:  Namely, that by simply acquiring a certain physical image or appearance we can become, presto!  A truly better or “superior” person!  Indeed, maybe even a superman or a superwoman?!

Fitness.  Could it be the expression conjures up embarrassing or – gasp! – even terribly horrifying personal memories?!  Maybe you’ve never considered yourself particularly “athletic” or very adept at sports or fitness; and, in any event, who can ever forget being humiliated or laughed at for this or that physical imperfection or a physical flop of one sort or other?!  Or you might recall a heart pounding, near-death physical work-out imposed upon you by who-knows-who at some point in your life?!


“No thank you!” you mutter to yourself.  “Never again!”

But, I beg of you!  Please bear with me for a moment longer!


For, regardless of how you may have answered the above questions, wouldn’t you nonetheless agree?  Fitness and wellness . . . it speaks to everyone?!  It’s a common thread in all cultures, in all epochs of history.  Have you ever noticed, for example, the look of pride in a parent’s eye when they talk about how tall their child has grown?  Or when they recount how their child performed well in this or that physical competition or physical undertaking of some sort?  Children shriek excitedly when they are given the chance to run outside and romp and play on the playground or in the park.  The handicapped and elderly may not be able to physically run or romp, per se, but aren’t their spirits nevertheless lifted and their hearts gladdened from a peaceful afternoon spent outside in nature?  A nice walk outdoors on a beautiful day does wonders for one’s spirits, even for someone suffering through the black cloud of heartache, loneliness, disappointment, discouragement, or depression.  Virtually anybody and everybody, regardless of cultural setting or spiritual or faith tradition, “lights up” when talking about his or her favorite sports team or sports celebrity; and is it mere coincidence that, again regardless of cultural setting or spiritual or faith tradition, among the most common and reoccurring New Year’s resolutions are to “get in better shape” and/or “lose some weight?”

Perhaps a hint of discouragement or resignation now sets in.  “I’ve never really been very good at sports or athletics.”  Or, conversely: “That was a long time ago.  My glory days are long gone.  I’ve got so many other things to worry about these days.  I’m too old anyway, way past my prime.”  Maybe even, as Sylvester Stallone lamented (when playing Rocky Balboa in the classic movie, Rocky), you ruefully cry:  “’Prime?!  I didn’t have no prime!’”

Could it be you’re thinking along these lines?  ”Too much water under the bridge.  If only I was younger, thinner, stronger, taller, faster, or more talented!  If only I had more time and not so many responsibilities.  All I want to do now is to have enough strength and energy to make it through the day . . . to be able to do those ‘active daily living things’ I want to do or must do . . . without undue pain or discomfort.  ‘Functional fitness,’ in other words, that’s what important to me now.  But if only I didn’t have this aching back, this nagging injury, this frailty, this illness, this prison of circumstances!”

I beg of you!  Don’t lose heart!  Each and every one of us has struggles or battles in life!  We all have things we wish we could change.  But is that any reason to throw in the towel?  To give up on life?!

The clear, resounding, and unequivocal answer is:  NO!!!” 

“Let us live while we live!  Let us be alive and doing.

Let us act on what we have, since we have not what we wish.”

Saint (St.) John Henry Cardinal Newman

Fitness.”  So, what does it mean to you?  Sure, being physically fit, healthy as a horse, strong as a bull, quick, lithe as a cat in the jungle, agile, trim, solid, full of energy, untiring.  That’s certainly a part of it.  There can be no denying it:  We are, at least in part, “physical creatures;” but is that “all there is to it?”  For, even if a person has achieved a high state of physical fitness, is that – in and of itself – ever enough?  After all, what good are those six-pack abs – if the rest of your life is in shambles?  And just what, exactly, are you planning to do with those bulging muscles or that beautiful, curvy figure anyway?

Take heart!  This brings us precisely to why we have come up with this admittedly somewhat rather strange sounding concept or idea:  Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF).

So, let me say it yet again:  Don’t lose heart!  It’s not too late!  And it’s most assuredly never too early!  Remember the lyrics of Led Zeppelin’s classic rock’n roll tune, Stairway to Heaven?  “There’s still time to change the road you’re on!”

Yes!  Take heart!  For, regardless of your present circumstances, irrespective of your age or your current physical condition, whatever the “Field” into which you might be called or in which you may find yourself, it is my contention that you can still be “Fit,” Fit in the truest, fullest sense of the word!  If you can believe it in your heart and see it in your mind’s eye, if you can believe it, if you train at it and practice at it, if you strive to live it day in and day out, YOU, YES, YOU!!! can still be truly Fit, Fit for life, or as I like to say, “IV Life!!!

Oh, boy, I know where he’s going,” perhaps that’s what you’re thinking.  ”He’s loopy, whacked. . . .  It’s just another one of those garden-variety touchy-feely, do-goody type of New Age hypes which are all too common these days.  No thank you!

Please wait!!!  Before you decide to exit this website or even toss your computer into the trash can because of it, would you indulge me just a few minutes longer?  For, while I admit it may look or sound rather strange at first glance, what I would like to offer you is something which, upon closer inspection, I believe you just might be glad you’ve happened across today.  I call it:

“Warrior IV Life Fitness (or WIVLF)!”

And, with this IIIrd PoP, we believe we have something which might actually help you keep as physically “Fit,” active, vigorous, and engaged in life as possible . . . provided, of course, you put in the dedicated effort and focus.

You will see, for example, that on this website you can purchase our books, such as Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF):  8-Week “The World is Your Gym” Physic al Fitness Course (which contains step-by-step instruction or a wide array of physical exercise regimens and guidance on how you might consider weaving or integrating your own Particular Skill of Interest [PSOI], whether that be a sport or other functional fitness endeavor, into your well-rounded physical fitness regimen.  See Books section of this website.

And, along these same lines, you will get an introduction into our “The Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF) Sundial of Physical Fitness” and its related “Pyramid,” both of which are specifically designed to help you – the aspiring WIVLF practitioner – custom-craft your very own WIVLF Fitness Training Blend (FTB), an FTB which is just right for you!

Also, in the very near future, you will be able to purchase our Magnum Opus, our “Big” or “Monster” Book, Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF):  An Introduction.  Over 900 pages chock full of Biblical references and images, as well as historical and philosophical accounts of true, holistic Fitness efforts down through the ages and from across the globe!  Plus, I’ve tossed in some of my own life history, just to give you a little better backdrop of “where I’m coming from.”

Or maybe you would be interested in working directly with us, either in person or via Zoom or other distance education forum?!  We would be honored to do this, working with you individually, or your team or military unit, your church, or your business or school organization, in setting up a Fitness program which is just right for you!  Please check out our integrated link or contact us today about such possibilities!


[1]  Image of modern-day knights in the joust taken from, [accessed 22 June 2019].

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