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“[T]he field is the world. . . .”

Jesus’ words, found in Matthew 13:38.

So, what is your personal “Field (FLD)?”  Perhaps you’re a student, or worker, or homemaker, or professional.  Maybe right now you’re just plugging along, hoping to work your way into a new or different Field (FLD).

All fine and good.  But we are where we are.  I’ve heard it said we should “saw the wood in front of us.”  Good counsel.  How can we expect to be rewarded, promoted, or elevated into a higher position or more lofty “Field” if we’re just sleepwalking through our present duties?

So, whatever your Field (FLD), whatever your own personal Goals, Interests, Aspirations, or Objectives (GIAOs), the aim of WIVLF is to help you along the road, to inspire and encourage you to set up reasonable and realistic – yet aspirational – benchmarks to get you there . . . and probably even more importantly to help you embrace daily habits of work and living that help prepare you for success – whatever the Field (FLD) of endeavor you might have in mind!

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Image of Winslow Homer’s “Veteran in a New Field” (painted in oil, circa A.D. 1865), taken from, [accessed 10 June 2019].

Image of farmer sowing (or “broadcasting”) seed in the field taken from,_Das_Gleichnis_vom_S%25C3%25A4mann.JPG/370px-Hortus_Deliciarum,_Das_Gleichnis_vom_S%25C3%25A4mann.JPG&imgrefurl=, [accessed 01 March 2017].

[1]  Image of Winslow Homer’s “Veteran in a New Field” (painted in oil, circa A.D. 1865), taken from, [accessed 10 June 2019].

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“But Just How do we go About This?”

Together!  Yes, taking into full account your individual and/or collective fitness-health-wellness goals and objectives (GIAOs), we will work closely with you (and/or your comrades or team) in custom-crafting or co-creating a specially tailored and sequenced Fitness Training Blend (FTB) – taken or drawn from a wellspring which we believe encompasses virtually every major facet of physical fitness, namely our Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF) – 7 Modular Sub-Disciplines (MS-Ds):

  1. Stretching-Flexibility (SF) Work;
  2. Aerobic-Cardiorespiratory (ACR) Work;
  3. Strength (STR) Work;
  4. Quickness-Agility-Coordination (QAC, aka Balance-Agility-Coordination [or BAC]) Work;
  5. Available Accessories-Equipment (A2E) Work:  “The World is Your Gym!”
  6. Martial Arts (MA) Work; and
  7. Particular Skills of Interest (PSOI) Work:  This is where we help you weave in or sequence to optimal effect your own sport or competitive or aspirational functional fitness endeavor!

So, as can be expected, the primary focus of our Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF) training or presentations (whether in person or via Zoom or other form of distance education) shall be on the IIIrd PoP of WIVLF Paradigm – PoP # III. Fitness (FIT); but in yet another way that makes WIVLF quite distinctive from ordinary physical fitness regimens, with WIVLF, it is never “the physical” merely for its own sake, standing alone.  But rather, with WIVLF, we always strive to integrate or incorporate the physical part of Fitness as part and parcel of something far greater:  A physical health, vigor, vitality, and Fitness . . . which is fully nested within or woven inextricably into the tapestry or fabric, the mosaic . . . of a lifestyle which is well-grounded, firmly rooted, fundamentally, foundationally anchored within a healthy and holistic, sustainable, active and joyful lifestyle . . . or code of living!

WIVLF can be utilized as either a fully complete, stand-alone Fitness Programme or, in the alternative, to round out or top off your existing fitness or sports regimen.  In either case, we are fully confident that just one or two WIVLF training sessions each week for the next three months can help you reap an abundantly rich harvest of sustainable Fitness, health, and wellness – “IV Life.”

WIVLF is further distinctive in this respect:  Training sessions or presentations will routinely feature short “lessons IV Life” (e.g., gleaned from Holy Scripture, the annals of history, and/or “from the school of life” in general).  All this is intended to uplift the heart, hone the mind, and refresh the spirit – while the physical exercises which will ordinarily serve as the primary focus of each WIVLF training session or presentation will help forge the body to its peak of physical and athletic potential.

WIVLF!!!  It takes “Fitness” beyond the playing fields and gymnasium as “an approach IV Life!”  Cross-training boosted to a completely new level – all in one hour training sessions!  True holistic fitness is more than just physical!!!

Please note:  At the heart of things, WIVLF is unapologetically and unabashedly Christian; however, please don’t let that prejudice or frighten you!  Regardless of your spirituality or faith path, you will most certainly be wholeheartedly warmly welcomed with open heart and open arms . . . into WIVLF!!!

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