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“The Logo Explained!”

Our admittedly rather “busy” and perhaps somewhat “unusual”-looking WIVLF Logo:  “What’s it all about?” 

Well, in short, the WIVLF Logo is meant to depict or exemplify the very highest and best ideals of the WIVLF concept.  At the center of our Logo is the angelic or Icarus figure (AKA “WIVLF-Man”), signifying that, at its core, WIVLF is a human endeavor, focused on helping the human person, to assist him/her prevail in “the daily battles of life.”  WIVLF-Man is closely attuned to nature and firmly rooted in aim and purpose (hence, the silver or gray oak stump, with its 2 golden leaves and 2 golden acorns).  Yet WIVLF-Man does not languish or remain frozen in time or place; rather, he is reaching, striving for attainment, for victory in life and beyond – with Heaven and full unity with our Triune God as the penultimate goal (symbolized by the light blue or turquoise Fleur-de-Lis).

Furthermore, unlike the Icarus of mythological lore, WIVLF-Man doesn’t fecklessly fritter away his time and energies or “fly too close to the sun” by engaging in self-destructive habits or reckless, foolish ventures.  Rather, WIVLF-Man adorns himself with the same purity of color and intention as his penultimate goal (hence, the color of WIVLF-Man’s sash is the same as the Fleur-de-Lis).

Moreover, the golden laurel wreath embracing the inner circle of the Logo symbolizes victory and achievement, whereas the red center reminds us of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, which He shed for us as a price for our redemption; the red center is also representative of the requisite fearlessness which WIVLF-Man – and each of us really – must embrace in the face of ridicule, setback, and/or difficulty.  Finally, our Logo’s black and white outer band exemplifies the clear, unequivocal choices which each of us must make in “the battles of life.”

The reality, of course, is that despite the best of intentions and effort, each of us occasionally stumbles off course and/or falls off the pathway.  Thus, WIVLF-Man recognizes that he must remain constantly vigilant and his priorities straight, keeping his eyes clearly focused on the Alpha & Omega, his efforts and aims fully tethered to the Chi-Rho.  Both the Alpha & Omega and the Chi-Rho are representative of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as are the white crosses on the Logo’s outer band – signifying the straight and true Pathway, the Pathway which will assure WIVLF-Man of success in reaching his penultimate goal.  For, even if he temporarily stumbles or falls “off track” (as we flawed humans inevitably do on occasion), WIVLF-Man is determined to quickly get himself back up, dust himself off, and then firmly and resolutely get back on the Pathway.  For this is the Pathway of the true warrior, the warrior not of destruction, but rather, the Warrior IV Life!!!

“But how do we go About all This?”

By mutual support, encouragement, and collaborative training!  For “The way of the warrior is in training!”  Miyamoto Musashi, Go Rin No Sho (Japanese – Book of Five Rings), quoted in MSG(Ret.) Gregory S. Skinner’s Winning the Board: A Guide to Success, May 2008 (15th printing), page ii.

Warrior IV Life Fitness (or WIVLF)!  Could it be something which might interest you?! Read on for “What Separates Warrior IV Life Fitness (WIVLF) From all the Rest”!

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